Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Writer's Block!! :(

I don't know it's good to tell you peoples, but we can't keep too many secrets (accept the secret language) so I'll tell you. I'm at a WRITER'S BLOCK!!!!!!! If you don't know what a WRITER'S BLOCK!!!!!!! is well I can't tell you it's a secret. I'm kidding, it's when moi (me in French) has nothing to write about and you (I don't know how to say you in French) stop reading my blog then moi gets sad. So please please PLEASE (I like messing with the sizes) comment and ask questions so I can get more ideas on what to write. Thank you very much. Peace out James.


  1. Well, James/lightbulb, how about telling us some of this stuff: 1. when you got your guinea pigs, 2. their names, 3. who watches them if you have to be gone and if they behave for their sitter, 4. if you ever take the pigs anywhere, like to school or to friends' houses, etc.

  2. Hey, James. You are now officially a WRITER! It's never official until you have one good case of writers' block. So what do you suppose your piggies dream about at night? And what is the first thing they would say if they could talk to you in English?

  3. Vous. That's 'you' in French, mon amie!