Wednesday, May 12, 2010


When I publish this post it's about 2:30pm, but on the thing it says it's published at 11:30am. Does anyone now why? Please leave comments about this.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Outside Time

My guinea pigs LOVE going outside to chew the grass. They don't really move anywhere and they'll be fine without some sort of cover, but I hide them under a sled because I don't want a bird to get them. The only downside is sometimes when I go to bring them back in they run into a my front lawn bush. You're probably thinking that's cute but they're really hard to get out=D. Twinkie is like super ninja camouflage and blends in with the bush. But, anyway if you have guinea pigs I suggest taking them outside, but look out for pesticide warnings. Also, don't take them to a public park where lots of dogs go to you-know-what on the grass they eat=O. And, peg little guinea pig braces would be cute, but not for my guinea pigs=). With the bucktooth blog I think they actually do have buckTEETH because I saw a little line between the buckTOOTH so sorry. Please comment and ask questions so I can make my blog better