Friday, January 8, 2010

"Invisible" Mode

"Invisible" mode is when my guinea pigs will stand like totally still because then in their brains there like oh he can't see me now I'm safe. They do this when I take them out to play. I think they're just getting used to their surroundings because after about 7-10 minutes they start moving around, telling me stories ( I understand their secret language) and so on and so forth. Just wait and don't move too much because that will scare them some more. Hopefully my guinea pigs will soon trust me super-well and they won't even have to go "invisible" but until then bye. Please comment and ask questions so I can make my blog better (and I can brag to my friends that I have so many comments) joking but please do comment. See ya James


  1. Wow, James. You have a lot of followers! Can you tell us more about the secret language sometime?

  2. Yes, I'd love to hear about the secret language. My cat, Scarlett, and I have a secret language. Mostly this is it: in the middle of the night she scratches at a bathroom cabinet door. I hear it, tell her to stop. She continues. I get up and feed her. Sometimes it takes me awhile to understand because I'm asleep.