Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year

HELLO 2010!!!!!!I hope to make great progress with this blog and will continue at my best ability to inform you about guinea pigs. I hope all of you have a great 2010 and be great to your pets (if you have one) if not just have a very happy New Year. Thank you so much for reading my blog and I hope you enjoy it for all of 2010! And special thanks to all my 33 folowers I'm so dang proud of. Sincerly, James

KC Cleaning Services Response

It's good that you asked this becasue if it's to hot or cold in their environment they could die. The tempature I keep my guinea pigs in is 70-76 so the same tepature that a lot of people like. In the summer make sure to give them lots of cool water and cucumbers (they have lots of water) to your guinea pigs to cool them down.

Also, this is totally off topic but parsley is good to give the as it's high in vitamain C. Give them some twice or three times a week.

This is Twinkie (above) and Slinky (below) and they both seem to have a bad itch=)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


First of all I my name is James and I'm telling you my name because it's kind of wierd for you guys and girls to be calling me lightbulb, but you can call me either.
I hope all of you take really good care of your guinea pigs and watch them a lot but sometimes life makes unexpected changes and you can't get back to your guinea pigs for dinner or even a few days! This is why you need back-up people to take care of them. You need to tell them what food to feed them and how much hay to give them and when to take them out and all those types of things so they can take good care of your guinea pigs. It would be even better to have two or three back-up people just in case one of them isn't available. If it's ok with your back-up people to have a cage in their house that would be even bettter so they could watch them constanly. Please comment and ask questions on how I can make my blog better

Some of you were asking for other websites and stuff so another very good website about guinea pigs is

Monday, December 28, 2009

Getting A Boy(s) Or girl(s)

First of all I'd just like to say thank you soooooooo much for reading my blog. I never though I'd get so many followers.

Here's a few answers to some of your questions. My guinea pigs are both girls. Also, I'm glad you liked the pictures I posted and I will post A LOT more. I loved all your stories you gave me in the comments and please comment more.

If your picking out guinea pigs and your wondering if it makes a difference to get boy(s) girl(s) or both well I'm here to tell you. If your getting a boy and a girl and you don't want babies get them spayed and neutered. If you want boys that's fine but somtimes they'll fight over teritory and /or not have a good time with each other. So get an extra large cage for them. If you want girls they'll sometimes do the same thing. It really depends on their personalities. My guinea pigs don't fight because they're little angels=). If they do get in fights throw a towel over one and pick that one up. Now don't get girls because I said that boys will fight. Girls do it too!! It really matters on their personalities. Please comment and ask questions in the comments section

Slinky(up) Twinkie(down)

Here's some more pictures (they seem very interested in the camera)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lap Time

A good way for your guinea pigs to get used to you is if you have them in your lap. Some guinea pigs don't mind pooping or peeing on you so I used a newspaper or towel when I first got them beacuse I didn't know. Some guinea pigs don't like pooping or peeing on you and will squirm to go in their cage. My guinea pigs pee and poo on me a lot when they're scared, but now they don't do it for a long time but if they really have to they will. They like certain places on your lap like my guinea pigs like on my shoulder like a carrying baby or in the crook of my arm so they can hide a little. To carry them out of their cage you put one hand under their stomach and one under their hind legs. For a while they will squeek and try to get away from you but I repeat they like you they just are pretty jumpy creatures. Please ask questions and comment on how I can make my blogs better.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Free Time for Your Guinea Pigs

I suggest you get a big cage for your guinea pigs. Really big. They need room to run around, but however big your cage is, it's still a cage. You need to take them out EVERYDAY to give them exercise. Find a space where there isn't much for them to chew on because they are very inquisitive creatures. My guinea pigs are big scaredy-cats (no offense Slinky and Twinkie) and they like hiding. So I got old shirts for them to hide in until they decided to be explorers. I gave them a hallway to look around in. They still haven't gone down the whole hallway but they're close.
Big movements and sounds will scare them so if you have to move, move slowly. You have to watch them carefully so they don't go sticking their nose in a electrical outlet or something. Your guinea pigs will be scared of you when you pick them up to take them to let them run around. Don't think they don't like you though, they just are jumpy little creatures and they take time to get used to you. Please comment on how I can make my blogs better.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Guinea Pig Food List

First of all I forgot to say in my last blog to please include your own pet stories in the comments section. If you have any questions about guinea pigs or dogs I can try to answer them in my next post. Ok if you just got guinea pigs and you're wondering what to feed them here it is. They need lots of vitamin C to survive because they don't produce their own. Pellets will give them some vitamin C but I suggest you give them lots of fresh vegtables and fruit to survive. Be careful with giving them too much fruit because it has lots of natural sugar in it and that can be bad for the guinea pigs.

Here's a list of what I feed my guinea pigs.
  • Lettuce:My guinea pigs LOVE lettuce.I would give them mostly romane lettuce.I give them some pretty much every day but sometimes I don't. DO NOT give them iceberg lettuce as it can cause them to have an upset tummy or diarrhea.
  • Red or Green Bell Peppers Seedless: I haven't tried orange bell peppers so you should ask your vet about that or something. It has very high vitamin C so it's great for them. My guinea pigs chow down on it. I give it to the every day.
  • Fresh Grass: I've heard that fresh grass is very good for them but I haven't tried yet because it's winter over here. Make sure there's no pesticides on it or dog pee.
  • Cucumber: They LOVE cucumber becuase it has lots of water in it so it makes them very happy. I give it to the every other day.
  • Tomato: If you're using a slice from a large tomato take out the seeds. Or use baby tomatos remove green tops because they're poisonous.
  • Carrot: Every other day.
  • Brocolli: twice weekly.
  • Seedless grapes, apple slices, pear slices twice a week only one though not all of them.

Give them loads of hay so they can gnaw their teeth down because their teeth are constantly growing. Put their pellets in a heavy bowl so they can't knock it over. And, give them fresh water everyday, replace it everyday too. Put it in a bowl or a water bottle (for guinea pigs). I give them a two fresh veggies in the morning and two at night.

Please comment on how I can make my blog better.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Guinea Pigs

This is Slinky and my dad's sock (above) and Twinkie (below)

I just got my two guinea pigs last saturday.They're really fun to have.If you don't have a pet and your mom or dad won't let you get a dog,cat,whatever then try getting guinea pigs.My guinea pigs are still getting used to me so whenever I try to pick them up they run around like crazy trying to get away from me.Soon they'll probably get used to me.Once they're in my lap they calm down.They're VERY talkitive creatures. They have all sorts of squeaks and chirps and whistles.One of them I named Slinky. She's called Slinky because she can stretch herself out super long and then squeze really really tiny. My other guinea pig is named Twinkie. She's named Twinkie because she's black,white, and carmel kind of like a twinkie.If you're having trouble thinking of names just observe what their personalities are like and you'll come up with a name sooner or later.