Sunday, January 3, 2010


Guinea pigs like their cage because there's hiding spots, food, and water. It's like their house, they like it. But, they looooooooooooooove it when you move around furniture (as I like to call it) so they can explore something new. Every few days I change a piece of furniture around in their cage. When I clean out the cage I redecorate their cage and they start exploring it for like 30 minutes. So just try every few days to move a piece of furniture (like old shirts, igloos, etc.) around a bit to make their life better. And take them out EVERY day. Please comment and ask questions to make my blog better.

A few different ways to pick up guinea pigs.

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  1. Do you know how Helen Keller's mother punished her? She moved the furniture. (bad joke) I'm glad your guinea pig LIKES when you move the furniture!