Monday, February 1, 2010

First Word

Thank you for some ideas to break my WRITER'S BLOCK!!!!!!! so now I have new things to write. Somebody asked what my guinea pigs first word would be if they can talk. I think they would say, (I don't know yet, I haven't learned to read their minds yet) when do we eat or get me out of this stinkin cage=). Or it might be "Hi my name is ...........(insert name) please stop calling me Slinky (or Twinkie) it's quite annoying. It could really be anything it's hard to tell. And as usual please comment and ask questions so I can make my blog better. Also thank you I Heart KC for your wonderful idea.


  1. You're welcome, James. And thanks for all the great piggie info!

    My son and his girlfriend gave their piggies their first bath over the weekend. One of them liked it, and one of them had a nervous breakdown.

    I babysat the piggies for two days last week, and I finally figured out how to get them to not be afraid of me. Feed them. They know I'm a food person now, and they don't run away from me any more! Oh, their names are Leroy and Munchkin.

  2. James! Haven't heard from you in awhile, dude! Do we need to have a little writer's block talk again? Don't make my piggies call up your piggies to ask where you are and what's up, k? Munchkin and Leroy are wondering how it's going out there in snow country. Have you taken your piggies out in the snow? Have you bought them any funny hats or mittens?