Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Me And My Guinea Pigs Are Sorry=(

I'm very sorry to all my readers who haven't seen a new post in a long time. I hope your still checking my blog to see if there's new posts because if you aren't this apology letter won't work. Anyway I'm sorry that I haven't bin writing as much as I should and I will and if I don't write a post every two days (at least) then I owe you 5 dollars ( I know you're thinking $$ but I'm crossing my fingers, but you can still say I owe you 5 bucks) So, I hope you except my apology for getting out of the habit of writing in my blog. Also I Heart KC I don't bring them in the snow because they're used to warm temperatures so I don't think it would be good for them. You can try the mittens and hats though. Please comment and ask questions so I can make my blog better.

1 comment:

  1. Do you need my mailing address now? To send me the $5?