Thursday, February 25, 2010

5 Dollars

Okay I wasn't serious about the 5 dollar thing (PEG!!) I was crossing my fingers. If you don't believe me I'll just give the job of mailing the money to you to my guinea pigs so don't count on getting some money any time soon. See guinea pigs are so helpful that's why you should get some=) Anyway I guess I should stop making jokes on my blogs (PEG!!!!) so if my blog is all boring now we can all blame you know who PEG!!! So know my blog will be boringest thing on the world thanks to I HEART KC no I'm kidding I Heart KC is nice it's all, you know I'm not going to say her name anymore because I'm tired of changing sizes. Please comment and ask questions so I can improve my writing skillzz.

PEG!!!!! =)


  1. Oh, please never stop making jokes, James! Hey, do you know any good guinea pig jokes? I think we need to find some.

    And I will take your advice and not take ours to the snow. The beach, maybe. The snow, never.

  2. I am guilty of missing that last post. Too funny, lightbulb! or should I say LIGHTBULB?! I thought you might be joking, btw.