Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lap Time

A good way for your guinea pigs to get used to you is if you have them in your lap. Some guinea pigs don't mind pooping or peeing on you so I used a newspaper or towel when I first got them beacuse I didn't know. Some guinea pigs don't like pooping or peeing on you and will squirm to go in their cage. My guinea pigs pee and poo on me a lot when they're scared, but now they don't do it for a long time but if they really have to they will. They like certain places on your lap like my guinea pigs like on my shoulder like a carrying baby or in the crook of my arm so they can hide a little. To carry them out of their cage you put one hand under their stomach and one under their hind legs. For a while they will squeek and try to get away from you but I repeat they like you they just are pretty jumpy creatures. Please ask questions and comment on how I can make my blogs better.


  1. Cool blog ! I had guinea pigs when I was young and I learned the hard way about putting a towel in my lap before holding them - they make a mess ! Love the pictures of your guinea pigs.

  2. Hi there, I am a friend of your dad's from eHow and love guinea pigs! Years ago I bought two of them and named them Critter and Roach.Lol~Well, after a while I ended up with 17 of them but they are sooo cute when they are born with teeth!

    I kept them in a big closet in a kid's plastic swimming pool with lots of tunnels, They loved it. :)

    I eventually sold some to the pet stores and the older ones went home to guinea pig heaven.

    I love your blog!

  3. LOL, my little dog Esme gets so excited when she sees the vet that she pees all over the vet and her assistant. (She LOVES going to the vet.) Thankfully, they just laugh. (I think they're just happy that it's not my 40 lbs dog peeing on them.) =0) Have fun with your new pets. They're always so much fun.

  4. This is a great blog! I love pets, and I can see you love yours. Never had guinea pigs, but I had pet rats, and they are similar to your guinea pigs. They have to feel safe and secure in your lap, like you said, and then you will start to see their real personalities come out -- and you'll then see how much they really like you.

  5. As they become less timid you can try getting them to ride in a hoodie pocket. My rats love this since it's a great place to hide and warm to boot. Just sit with them while wearing a hoodie and hold the pocket edges open. they may walk in and out on their own to investigate.
    Have fun with your cute pets.

  6. Such great advice! Thank you! I've been thinking about getting the kids a guinea pig so this blog has been really helpful!

  7. Your blog looks really good. I like the design you've chosen!

    I've known an amazing guinea pig, named Christopher Kite. He started out as the first pet of a friend of mine, and she later got a pup, name Duncan. Duncan was a pug, and Mr. Kite and Duncan got along great. (Although, I don't think all pets always get along great.)

    I used to show rabbits at fairs and also at professional rabbit shows. Did you know people show guinea pigs, too? Guinea pigs are also called "cavies" and they may even show them at county fairs near you. Check it out, next summer!

  8. I love guinea pigs! I had two of them when I was a girl and hope to get some for my boys one day. Great job on your blog!

    ~Lynn W

  9. I love your blog! Can't believe you are 10 and are writing such a good blog. Keep up the great work. Your guinea pigs are awesome!

  10. Motto of the day: After you hold a guinea pig, wash your hands.

  11. Great Blog...!
    I remember when I have a guinea pig...
    Great memories...
    They are such great animals...
    (: ...
    Writing is excellent...
    Very good job...!

  12. What a wonderful blog! Guinea pigs are such wonderful animals, much like having a big grown hamster.

    Keep up the good work!

  13. You have a lot of good information on guinea pigs. That's a very nice looking guinea pig.

  14. Other than being soft and fluffy, I know as much about guinea pigs as they know about me. But I'm willing to learn. Keep up the good work with your blog, and help educate people like me about guinea pigs. Thank you and best wishes for a terrific New Year!