Thursday, December 31, 2009

KC Cleaning Services Response

It's good that you asked this becasue if it's to hot or cold in their environment they could die. The tempature I keep my guinea pigs in is 70-76 so the same tepature that a lot of people like. In the summer make sure to give them lots of cool water and cucumbers (they have lots of water) to your guinea pigs to cool them down.

Also, this is totally off topic but parsley is good to give the as it's high in vitamain C. Give them some twice or three times a week.

This is Twinkie (above) and Slinky (below) and they both seem to have a bad itch=)

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  1. Thanks for that information, James. My son keeps his house at 78 degrees, but the heater is next to the guinea pigs cage. Maybe he should keep a thermostat by them. I didn't know that too much heat could kill them, I thought it was just cold, so I will tell him.

    I will tell him about the parsley, too. He gives them Vitamin C water in their water dripper.

    This is a great guinea pig blog, James. Keep up the good work!