Sunday, December 13, 2009

Guinea Pig Food List

First of all I forgot to say in my last blog to please include your own pet stories in the comments section. If you have any questions about guinea pigs or dogs I can try to answer them in my next post. Ok if you just got guinea pigs and you're wondering what to feed them here it is. They need lots of vitamin C to survive because they don't produce their own. Pellets will give them some vitamin C but I suggest you give them lots of fresh vegtables and fruit to survive. Be careful with giving them too much fruit because it has lots of natural sugar in it and that can be bad for the guinea pigs.

Here's a list of what I feed my guinea pigs.
  • Lettuce:My guinea pigs LOVE lettuce.I would give them mostly romane lettuce.I give them some pretty much every day but sometimes I don't. DO NOT give them iceberg lettuce as it can cause them to have an upset tummy or diarrhea.
  • Red or Green Bell Peppers Seedless: I haven't tried orange bell peppers so you should ask your vet about that or something. It has very high vitamin C so it's great for them. My guinea pigs chow down on it. I give it to the every day.
  • Fresh Grass: I've heard that fresh grass is very good for them but I haven't tried yet because it's winter over here. Make sure there's no pesticides on it or dog pee.
  • Cucumber: They LOVE cucumber becuase it has lots of water in it so it makes them very happy. I give it to the every other day.
  • Tomato: If you're using a slice from a large tomato take out the seeds. Or use baby tomatos remove green tops because they're poisonous.
  • Carrot: Every other day.
  • Brocolli: twice weekly.
  • Seedless grapes, apple slices, pear slices twice a week only one though not all of them.

Give them loads of hay so they can gnaw their teeth down because their teeth are constantly growing. Put their pellets in a heavy bowl so they can't knock it over. And, give them fresh water everyday, replace it everyday too. Put it in a bowl or a water bottle (for guinea pigs). I give them a two fresh veggies in the morning and two at night.

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  1. Hey, that's a great list of food! I've babysat a guinea pig for several weeks but never had one of my own. Your pictures are very cute.

  2. This is a cool blog. My son just got two guinea pigs, and we did not know their teeth keep growing until we read it on your blog. I subscribed so we can learn more. The photos are good, too. Your guinea pigs are very cute! I bet they are happy to be with someone like you.

  3. You've got a really good list of food items for your guinea pig. One important thing you mention is Vitamin C. Guinea pigs need this in their diet, since they can't produce Vitamin C on their own.

    I'm sure they're very happy to have someone take such good care of them. I had guinea pigs when I was your age; they do make great pets. Keep up the good work on your blog too...

  4. Wow, you have really done your research about what to feed them! I honestly had no idea about the peppers or that the green tops of tomatoes were poisonous! You have done a great job with this blog, keep up the great work!

  5. Great blog! I really like your list of how to feed your pet. we have golden retrievers and have had small pets in past.

  6. I love guinea pigs. I miss mine very much. He loved carrots, lettuce, cucumbers and such. They are great pets!