Monday, December 28, 2009

Getting A Boy(s) Or girl(s)

First of all I'd just like to say thank you soooooooo much for reading my blog. I never though I'd get so many followers.

Here's a few answers to some of your questions. My guinea pigs are both girls. Also, I'm glad you liked the pictures I posted and I will post A LOT more. I loved all your stories you gave me in the comments and please comment more.

If your picking out guinea pigs and your wondering if it makes a difference to get boy(s) girl(s) or both well I'm here to tell you. If your getting a boy and a girl and you don't want babies get them spayed and neutered. If you want boys that's fine but somtimes they'll fight over teritory and /or not have a good time with each other. So get an extra large cage for them. If you want girls they'll sometimes do the same thing. It really depends on their personalities. My guinea pigs don't fight because they're little angels=). If they do get in fights throw a towel over one and pick that one up. Now don't get girls because I said that boys will fight. Girls do it too!! It really matters on their personalities. Please comment and ask questions in the comments section

Slinky(up) Twinkie(down)

Here's some more pictures (they seem very interested in the camera)


  1. Lightbulb, I think a lot of people buy Guinea Pigs as holiday gifts, so you probably started your blog at the right time! You have good information, too.

    We had to take our Guinea Pigs to the vet to make sure they were both boys.

    And here's a tip for other new Guinea Pig owners: If your pets are scratching a lot or are sick within a few days of buying them, take them to your vet, then give the bill to the pet shop. We did that when our Guinea Pigs had lice, and the pet shop did pay for the vet, even though it was not their vet.

  2. "My guinea pigs don't fight because they're little angels=)" Spoken like a true pet parent. =0)