Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Outside Time

My guinea pigs LOVE going outside to chew the grass. They don't really move anywhere and they'll be fine without some sort of cover, but I hide them under a sled because I don't want a bird to get them. The only downside is sometimes when I go to bring them back in they run into a my front lawn bush. You're probably thinking that's cute but they're really hard to get out=D. Twinkie is like super ninja camouflage and blends in with the bush. But, anyway if you have guinea pigs I suggest taking them outside, but look out for pesticide warnings. Also, don't take them to a public park where lots of dogs go to you-know-what on the grass they eat=O. And, peg little guinea pig braces would be cute, but not for my guinea pigs=). With the bucktooth blog I think they actually do have buckTEETH because I saw a little line between the buckTOOTH so sorry. Please comment and ask questions so I can make my blog better


  1. Shoot, I was hoping for a photo of you with the new braces on Twinkie and What's-His-Name.

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