Wednesday, May 12, 2010


When I publish this post it's about 2:30pm, but on the thing it says it's published at 11:30am. Does anyone now why? Please leave comments about this.


  1. I would guess, lightbulb, it has something to do with the dreaded time zones. You are on Eastern time, right? Over there on the right side of the country. In your time zone it is 2:30, but where ever Google is I'm guessing it was 11:30. The must be on the left side of the country. So, they must use their time to mark these posts. Am I right?

  2. I think Peg is onto something. I think it's a time setting issues. Also, does anyone know a good "dating" site to look up dogs for adoption. We may need to get one soon. Any suggestions for a dog that doesn't bother allergies?

  3. If your allergic to fur the get dogs with hair like poodles, some terriers, etc. I would do more research though because I'm not a dog expert. If your allergic to something other than fur please tell m and I'll do some free research for ya!